Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coagulating Runners

Our team is starting to settle into its groove. Now that we are each establishing a comfortable running pace, runners are coagulating into smaller pace groups (assigned by our coach Brett, based on our 1 mile time). There are three runners in my group; me, Eloy and someone I have yet to meet. We are the second group back from the lead group (which consists of just one runner), so we’re not looking too bad.

Our run began with the usual stretching routine. The pace of this routine seems to getting quicker; probably due to a combination of us knowing the routine and that we want to get running before the blistering heat sets in. The run started out fairly chaotic as runners scurried about locating their respective pace groups. I immediately found Eloy and we headed out to the front of the pack.

As we took off, the heat of the day was beginning to set in. I could feel the warm air oozing in and replacing the more favorable cool air. As we surged down the path I could tell this run was very different from previous runs. I was finding it very difficult to get into my usual zone. Running with a pace group (Eloy in this instance) I found myself having less conversations in my head and more with Eloy. This was challenging for me, because I thrive in my zone. I did find it beneficial though because we were able to push each other in ways not possible running alone. As we came up on the last half mile of the run, I could not help bursting into a double time pace. I unfortunately left Eloy behind me talking with our trainer Brett, but it felt damn good to push my body hard.

Greeting us at the finish line was a water/Gatorade station set up by one our great mentors Susan. To the left Susan caught a snapshot of me as I closed in to devour some much needed fuel for my body. Gatorade and pretzels were like a gourmet spread to me.

When I got back home I could feel some new pains setting into ankles. I iced them for a good twenty minutes, and the knees for another twenty. This running is beginning to take its physical toll on my body. I will preserver though, that much I’m sure of. I have a strong will power, and will overcome all obstacles.

Try and keep up with me.

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