Wednesday, September 17, 2008

beach bummin it

This past week was truly a blessing to me. Jamie and I got to go up north to Santa Cruz and spend a week at beach house with my dad & mom, all my bros and my grandma. The week was a blast. Most of our time was spent down at the beach boogie boarding, building massive sand castles, relaxing and of course running. At night beach bonfires were'a blazin - I brought my didgeridoo, a hand drum and some clapping sticks, and combined with some pretty entrepreneurial instruments we played bouts of wild music and ate smores to the late hours of the night.

We kept our runs up throughout the week, and on Wednesday, Jamie and I ran what I have to say was the best runs we have done so far. Our run took us along the water front and out a jetty to a lighthouse, and then through the Santa Cruz Harbor. The weather was a little cool, but the scenery more then made up for it.

We kept ourselves well hydrated and stretched throughout the week in preparation for our 20 mile run on Saturday. Sleep was the one thing working against us. The combination of late nights, my nephews early morning playful clamor, and sleeping on and air mattress made quality sleep next to impossible. We actually stayed an additional night foregoing the Saturday run with the team to do it on Sunday. When we got back however we realized that no amount of sleep would prepare us for the demands of a 20-mile run.

We ended up sleeping in on Sunday and set a goal to do the 20 miles the following Saturday on our own. It is going to be rough on our own, but together we will conquer it.

Try and keep up with me!

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