Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Team Kick-Off Meeting

Well it is official, Jamie is now part of the Team. We had our regional kick-off meeting this past weekend, and Jamie filled out her application and submitted her fee. She was a bit nervous, but I can tell she was exploding inside to be a part of this great engine. Hell yeah baby, you're gonna rock this race!!

Today we got our official training jersey - a white Team In Training, coolmax tank top. Helllll YEAH!!.. now I am truly an f'n marathon runner in training!!

The energy of the regional meeting was mind blowing. Over five hundred people shouting, cheering and giving their energy to this great cause. We got to hear some truly inspirational stories and meet some amazing people.

After the regional meeting we separated out and had our first team meeting. We got to meet all of our support staff and most importantly heard from the guys that are going to get us across that finish line... our glorious coaches. Brett (the lead coach) and Cole the (assistant coach) are both very experienced with marathon training. We were given our runners packets, and they gave us specific instructions for our pre-training regimen... GOOD GOD!.. am i ready for this?? The training schedule has us training FOUR days a week! That's on top of my normal training that I do. What the hell have I gotten myself in to?!?

For now I shall smile happily and weather the storm inside.

I gotta get a shout out to my mentor Paul. I am very excited to take this journey with you bro, and I look forward to conquering many milestones with your help. Thanks for all of your helpful advice so far.

More to come.


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